Checking In and Checking Out; a timeline of events

The following is a basic timeline for preparing and during camp...

Two Weeks Prior to Departure

  • Double check all catering arrangements
  • Hand out Individual Gear List to all attendees
  • Check Group Gear list to ensure all necessary equipment is brought and packed
  • Double check all transport arrangements
  • Ensure medical information and emergency contacts for all group members has been received and filed in appropriate folder to bring to camp
  • Nominate 1-2 appropriately skilled people to be the camp 1st aiders
  • Organise 'Duty Supervisors' and duty groups for each day
  • All vehicle permits sent to Motutapu Camp staff
  • All safety management information sent to Motutapu Camp staff
  • List of attendees all but finalised
  • Buy cleaning products and materials necessary for duration of stay
  • Finalise all logistics and programmes with Motutapu Camp staff


Prior to Departing the Mainland

  • Ensure all equipment and gear is accounted for
  • Check all bio-security issues have been dealt with
  • Check all group members are present
  • Ensure all members of the group are prepared and know what is expected of them
  • Ensure all adults/ leaders know their roles and what is expected of them
  • Ensure you have a up-to-date list of all people travelling to MOEC


At the Wharf

  • Unload luggage and food from the boat
  • Load truck/ luggage trailer with luggage first and then food (as perishable items will need to come off first)
  • Brief from MOEC staff in regards to health and safety when walking across Motutapu and best route to camp
  • Allocate people to travel back to camp in vehicle to assist with unloading
  • Nominate someone to lead the group on the walk in and someone else to act as "tail end Charlie"


Arrival in Camp

  • Unload perishable items from truck into kitchen
  • Unload luggage
  • Senior member to go around all facilities with MOEC staff member (especially the boat shed) and check that everything is present and in good condition. This is the time to discuss with the MOEC staff member any areas that you are unhappy with!
  • Whole group briefing on health and safety in camp
  • Adult/ Leader briefing and training (others find beds and unpack/ have lunch)


Departure from Camp

  • Pack up luggage and remove from buildings
  • Clean all areas of use as per check out sheets (copies of these can be requested when booking)
  • Pack truck/ luggage trailer
  • MOEC staff to final check clean
  • Sign check out sheet to confirm details for invoice
  • Make way back to wharf
  • Unload truck/ luggage trailer
  • Load boat