Instructor Led Activities

Our highly trained instructors will ensure that all the activities are conducted with safety in mind. Sessions are adapted to not only suit the clienteles' skills and knowledge but also to ensure that the intended learning outcomes are gained in a fun yet challenging manner.

The following activities must be supervised by one of our highly trained instructional staff...

Abseiling; Use either our 12 m purpose built tower within the camp confines or if weather permits tramp over to Home Bay and make the most of the natural face. Abseiling will not only teach the skills necessary to complete the task but will challenge your resolve to overcome fears and instinct.

Archery; A skill dating back thousands of years, archery is an activity that people of all ages enjoy. Using compound bows, clients will learn to shoot and then participate in a range of individual and team competitions to see who has the sharpest shot. This activity teaches both the hard skills of archery as well as encouraging participants to discover the rewards that come from tenacity and perseverance.

Environmental Activities;  From collecting and germinating seeds, to planting and weeding, participants are able to take part in the full cycle of assisting us replant Motutapu Island in native forest. 

We also offer a range of activities that relate back to the science curriculum including tailored guided walks, exloration of the marine environment, examination of pest free habitats the the importance they play in our lifes etc.

Rock Climbing; Make the most of the rock climbing wall and bouldering wall in camp. Both of which have a number of different routes to test beginners and the most hardened of rock climbers alike. This activity not only challenges your problem solving skills but also aims to enhance team work.

High Ropes; All of the elements within the High Ropes course are designed to not only challenge the individual but also develop team work while enhancing leadership and responsibility. A combination of ABL, Low Ropes and High Ropes can assist in the building of great team cohesion while still ensuring individual learning and challenges.

Our high ropes course has a number of elements including...

  • Cargo Net
  • High Beam
  • Posties Walk
  • Centipede
  • Multi-vine
  • Double Dangle Duo; great for watching team dynamics shift and evolve
  • Flying Kiwi; Make the whole team work and watch 'em fly

Low Ropes; Similar to the high elements, our low ropes course is another tool to assist with the development of team work while enhancing individual's awareness of self and peer responsibility. With correct sequencing the low ropes can give an individual the confidence they need to trust in others while becoming aware of the need to communicate clearly and support others in everything we do.

A combination of ABL, Low Ropes and High Ropes can assist in the building of great team cohesion while still ensuring individual learning and challenges

Dinghy Sailing; With three different style dingy fleets to choose from and an ideal location to learn, there is no better activity that has the enjoyment of learning skills and knowledge while at the same time testing your ability to work as a team.

Sheltered Water Kayaking; Utilising our large fleet of minnow kayaks the main aim of this activity if to have fun and play some games while learning the skills of kayaking in a safe environment.

Sea Kayaking; Explore the amazing coastal environment of Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands and learn the basic skills and knowledge needed to safely operate a sea kayak. An activity with a large emphasis placed on the technical skills but still able to deliver in the "soft" skills i.e. communication, team work, leadership etc

Waka Ama; The ultimate team building activity. Two waka's (open outrigger canoes), 14 people and nowhere to go should the team not work together. A great activity to identify team dynamics and work through them to build an even stronger and more cohesive unit.

Snorkelling; See the Hauraki Gulf from another perspective. Explore the marine life that calls the Hauraki Gulf its home. Much to the amazement of many there is a multitude of life within what is one of the cleanest harbours left in the world. Whether you are a beginner or dive master this activity has something for everyone

Stand Up Paddle-boarding Balance and determination are the two main traits needed for SUP. And if you don't already have them, an hour or two learning to through fun games and good ol' experience will definitely ensure that you take a few steps towards gaining them.

Team Building and Adventure Based Learning (ABL) Initiatives; We can tailor a programme or session around various Adventure Based Learning initiatives that will ensure your group comes away not only having learnt something more about themselves and the others in their group, but has fun in the process.

Ask about out Motutapu Challenge; a team relay consisting of a series of activities and challenges.

Wet-weather Activities; If an activity(s) has to be cancelled due to inappropriate weather conditions, do not fear as we have a whole range of options of wet weather alternatives to choose from to ensure that everyone is kept active and challenged.