Self- Supervised Activities

The following activities are able to be lead by any responsible person over the age of 18 yrs. A Motutapu Outdoor Education Camp staff member will train the adult leaders on best practice and safety considerations for each individual activity upon arrival in camp.

Raft Building; Build your own raft out of an array of materials and test to see if it floats. A great activity to test team dynamics and enhance communication amongst the group.

Survivor Challenge; Our very own "capture the flag" style course and the jewel of camp. This Survivor inspired activity is filled with elements that are not only physically testing but also mentally challenging. There is something for everyone.

Confidence Course; A team activity that requires the group to complete a diverse range of challenges. Problem solving is the name of the game and elements will test the team in both a physical and mental capacity.

Orienteering; With four different courses to choose from the orienteering activity can be run both as an individual or team challenge.

Tramping; Make use of the number of well maintained tracks around both Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands. From historic Gun Emplacements to the largest Pohutukawa Forest in the Southern Hemisphere, there are numerous exploratory adventures to be had.

Flying Fox and Duck Pond Activities; The "duck pond" plays host to a variety of individual and team activities that can be utilised as part of your programme or as a fun activities during free-time. Included in this is our flying fox that lands in the water; an activity that is the delight of young and old alike.

Frisbee Golf; A new activity to our repertoire, Frisbee Golf can be played as a team or individually. The aim; to throw the Frisbee at the post (aka hole), in the least amount of throws. The winner is the person who can complete all 18 holes in the least number of passes. An activity bound to make you laugh.

Bouldering; Scatter the mattress underneath and make use of the bouldering cave located in the gym and practice those moves learned on the rock wall or have a laugh with mates at the end of the day.

Team Building and Adventure Based Learning (ABL) Initiatives; We can assist you with ideas and sequencing of various Adventure Based Learning initiatives that will ensure your group comes away not only having learnt something more about themselves and the others in their group, but has had fun in the process.

A range of Environmental Experience-Based Learning Activities; We have devised a number or environmental based learning activities, inclusive of teaching material and worksheets i.e. bird studies, coastal cleanups etc. We can also advise and assist you to develop your own.

Sports; Make use of the equipment in our sports shed and organise a game on the courts, field or in the gym.

Wet-weather Activities; If an activity(s) has to be cancelled due to inappropriate weather conditions, do not fear as we have a whole range of options of wet weather alternatives to choose from to ensure that everyone is kept active and challenged.

Arts and Crafts; Make wearable arts out of rubbish found on the beach, paintings, mosaic's and posters of camp activities or the surrounding environments or create a sculpture. Your imagination is the limit to what you can do using our resource room as the venue. Please ensure you check with staff as to what you will need to bring and what we can provide for your creative ambitions