Keeping the Islands Pest Free

To assist the Department of Conservation in maintaining Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands pest free, we ask that you take the following precautions when packing for camp.

  • Pack all food goods in sealed containers. This may mean taping up any holes in any cardboard boxes etc
  • Check all gear for stowaways such as rats, mice, hedgehogs etc, especially sleeping bags and tents that have been stored in the attic or basement for a few years. Give everything a good shake out prior to packing.
  • Check all gear, especially the soles of your shoes and inside tents, for plant material, seeds and ants. Although this may seem trivial, imported plants can play havoc on an eco-system. Wash any dirt from these items if necessary
  • Ensure all group and personal gear is packed in sealed suitcases and/or containers
  • Double check everything before loading the boat to come over


For more Information check out the Department of Conservation's website by clicking here

When confirming all your final logistics for camp you may be asked to inform us of your proposed loading times and location as a member of the Department of Conservation bio-security team may wish to be present for this process. Do not worry as this will only mean a DoC Biosecurity Ranger wth a specially trained dog may turn up to sniff your luggage. 

Please download the following documents to assist you with your bio-security checks

A Letter; from the Department of Conservation to ALL GROUPS AND VISITORS. Please read

DoC Bio Secuirty Poster; making it easy to pass on the message

Kauri Die Back Poster: ensure you don't spread this devastating disease to our island sanctuary

Bio-Security Checklist for Group Leaders

Bio-Security Checklist for Individuals

Bio-Security Checklist ofr Vehicles and Bulk Goods