This is how we roll...

We are fortunate to be able to offer a large range of activities that make the most of our location. There is something here to suit everyone and push the boundaries of every individuals comfort zone.

Salsa's Sailing in Admin Bay             Raft Building- testing the boat


Exploring Bird Island                       Snorkelling in Stingray Alley








Toppa Sailing. Or is it capsizing?



Boson's Chair; Survivor Challenge

Climbing the Wall; Confidence Course                 Flat Water Kayaking








Kayak Dig; Motutapu Challenge


Flying Fox

Abseiling; going over the ledge                      Windsurfing


Squeezing thru the tyres         ABL; only by working together will you succeed


Sea Kayaking; Learning the skills                                                    The Rock Wall


It's built, but will it float?             Coming down after reaching the top


Flipping it back over...                                                        Pull...Pull


Waka Ama                                          Snorkelling


Balancing in Poles and Planks                        Kayak Games


On top of the World; Coastal Walking       A bit of History on the Gun Walk


Getting ready for snorkelling                                              Exploring the rock pools


Walking in... it's a nice way to start